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Rules of CDA Empty Rules of CDA

Post by KingSynchro34 on Thu Jul 11, 2013 11:18 pm

General Rules:

1. Treat all members with respect, dorms are placed to show which members need help, NOT to show superiority.
2. Admins have the final say on all matters. When an admin issues a warning, TAKE IT SERIOUSLY!
3. I may over rule any punishment given by an admin, however if a punishment is issued fairly I will NOT revoke it.
4. In the event an admin has gone out of line, any other admin online has the permission to strip the admin of their status until I return to solve the situation.
5. Please respect your admins, they work hard to provide this service for you during their time, make sure they know they are appreciated.
6. NO SWEARING, this site is for people of any age, young ears should remain young.
7. If any of these rules are being violated, they must be reported immediately.

Major Rules:
1. DO NOT put down another member, we should make eachother stronger, not put eachother down.
2. DO NOT swear at or harass another member, ESPECIALLY an admin.
3. NEVER spread propaganda about our site or talk badly about another member behind their back.

1. Violation of any general rule will result in a warning.
2. The third warning of any general rule will result in a ban, warnings will not be issued for major rules, and an immediate ban will be placed.
3. Any discipline given is final, do NOT complain to me if you disapprove.
4. The first 2 times you are banned will be 24 hour bans, the third time will be an IP ban and you will NOT be allowed back.


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