So, Let's Talk About the Meta.

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So, Let's Talk About the Meta. Empty So, Let's Talk About the Meta.

Post by KingSynchro34 on Sun Jul 21, 2013 1:55 am

So, Let's Talk About the Meta. 2wrnn8m

The pictures above may look familiar to you, That's because these are some of the most broken cards konami has ever released. All of them make a great splash into any deck, and the Elemental Dragons are hated by 98% of the dueling population. If the E-Dragon deck dies, the dragons themselves will be so much more fun for the game, and Konami can keep making money. I think that the E-Dragons (although powerful) Will make an amazing addition to individual decks, Just not their own.

As for the Elemental Lords Konami FINALLY made a balanced card that can be splashed into the deck you are building. These cards, make a great combo play with many of the cards in basic decks, Pyrorex (Fire), Grandsoil (Earth), Windrose (Wind) and Moulinglacia (Water) are all very useful cards with reasonable limits and summoning conditions. They may not be as broken as dragons, but they are fair, and most people won't hate you for playing them.


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