whats the deal with dragon rulers?

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whats the deal with dragon rulers?  Empty whats the deal with dragon rulers?

Post by undeaddueler13 on Wed Jul 17, 2013 11:27 am

first off im not entirely sure if im using this area entirely correctly but this was the only area that made sense so here goes.

everybody here should know what dragon rulers are (hopefully) and my discussion question is this
What makes them broken? is it the baby dragons? the big dragons themselves? or is it just the fact that in combination they can spam rank 7 xyz's?

personally i think its the baby dragons, mainly because it adds so much speed to the deck and fodder for the big dragons once in grave.

but what do you think?


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whats the deal with dragon rulers?  Empty Re: whats the deal with dragon rulers?

Post by KingSynchro34 on Thu Jul 18, 2013 3:02 pm

The deck will die without the baby dragons. They search your dragons from the grave and eventually allow you to search for more babys (when the big dragons are removed). I have done extensive research in the deck in case they don't get hit too bad next format, and if the babys all get banned then the deck isn't even worth having.. The rank 7 xyz monsters make every deck that can play them broken, but the ability to spam 24-2800 beaters like nothing is a problem, especiall since after they are summoned by the babys they can revive themselves by banishing babys that are no longer usable.


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