Waaazzzzzzaaaaa!!!! ace950!!!!

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Waaazzzzzzaaaaa!!!! ace950!!!! Empty Waaazzzzzzaaaaa!!!! ace950!!!!

Post by ace950 on Sat Jul 27, 2013 3:06 pm

YELLO ace950* here Stardust Dragon 
 -DN veteran with ALOT of yugioh experience, but never been to a YCS lol:lol!: , but that doesn't mean i suck that just means im a poor beaner geek 

-anyways  Waaazzzzzzaaaaa!!!! ace950!!!! Icon_exclaim i can help with rulings on alot of plays
- my decks on DN are chaos dragons, dragon rulers, exodia if you wanna face me
-im working on Blue-Eyes and Boxers if any one wants to help me (i'll post a deck discussion soon if I haven't already )
-PM me if you wanna duel/ talk about a deck archtype cheers 

                                                                                                         -Ace950 OUT!


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Waaazzzzzzaaaaa!!!! ace950!!!! Empty Re: Waaazzzzzzaaaaa!!!! ace950!!!!

Post by KingSynchro34 on Sat Aug 03, 2013 1:22 am

Please contact me on DN for your entrance exam, my screen name is synchroduece34.


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