CDA Entrance Exam Grading Scale

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CDA Entrance Exam Grading Scale Empty CDA Entrance Exam Grading Scale

Post by KingSynchro34 on Sun Jul 14, 2013 5:51 pm

The following list contains the grading scale that admins are to use when testing members into a dorm and the rank that may be achieved by testing, If mistakes are made in placement the mistake may be corrected within 48 hours, otherwise the user will remain in the given dorm.

Attitude X/10
Deck Build X/20
Skill X/20
Ruling Knowledge X/15
Originality X/15
Knowledge of Game Mechanics X/20

Dragon Ruler Gold 93-100
Prophecy White 81-92
Harpie Green 70-80
Mermail Blue 58-69
Samurai Brown 45-57
Fire Fist Red 0-44


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